Deborah Nason

As financial advisors across the nation experience increased demand for Social Security filing advice, a variety of firms have developed curriculum and tools to help financial advisors provide optimal advice for clients nearing retirement age. The National Social Security Association is a national leader in offering quality education on Social Security. See how the NSSA training program is contributing to the national knowledge base of Social Security maximization.

“Door-busting demand by aging baby boomers is leading financial advisors to build businesses focused solely on the baby boomer market.”

~ Deborah Nason, special to CNBC.com, April 7, 2015

Rachel Sheedy

While explaining to readers the need to consider earnings of both spouses prior to filing for Social Security, Sheedy sought the input of Jim Blair, a founding partner of Premier Social Security. See what Jim recommends for spouses filing for Social Security.

“Lower-earning spouses who claim their own Social Security benefit before full retirement age take a cut of as much as 25%. But all’s not lost.”

~ Rachel L. Sheedy, Kiplinger’s, July 2015

Consumer Reports

Windfalls, pitfalls, and strategies. There are optimal ways and sub optimal ways to file for Social Security. This article provides snapshots of the various scenarios for Social Security filings. Learn how the advice of Marc Kiner, a founding partner of National Social Security Association, contributes to the national dialogue regarding the best strategies for Social Security filing.

“Social Security is like a game with innumerable twists and turns, and different winners and losers. High-income folks pay less Social Security tax as a percentage of income than do lower-paid workers.”

Consumer Reports, February 12, 2015


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