National Social Security Advisor Certificate Program

How much do you know about the Social Security Retirement program? Are you able to help your clients to understand and maximize the SS benefits? Do you shy away from helping clients with their SS strategies? Do you tell your clients to call SSA with questions?

Understanding Social Security is very important for advisors working with the 76 million baby boomers. Advisors must understand Situational Social Security. Every client will be in a unique Social Security situation:

Every client is unique. Advisors must understand the questions and issues relating to each and every client. Advisors should take this time to learn about Social Security, thereby increasing value to clients. Don’t wait until the economy recovers and you are super busy. Prepare yourself now for the many questions you will receive from clients about Social Security.

Our education covers Social Security from A-Z and emphasizes Situational Social Security. At the end of our class you will understand the issues and questions relating to each of your clients. We offer our education in three formats – live classroom, live webinar and taped ondemand. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we have cancelled the live classroom format for the immediate future. We hope to resume our live classes later in 2020. Thus, we are concentrating our live webinars and taped ondemand videos. The education is the same regardless of educational format.

Tuition for the National Social Security Advisor Certificate Program is $695 and includes the education, certificate after passing the assessment and Gold Standard of Support. Support includes questions and monthly webinars. We are offering two incentives to advisors due to the difficult times we have encountered:

  1. $50 discount by using discount code “covid19”
  2. Payment plan (discount code is “paymentplan”)
    1. 25% at registration
    2. 75% in 6 months

We understand that this is a difficult time as many advisors have experienced a reduction in revenues and profits. This is also a great time for advisors to learn about Social Security in anticipating of the economy opening up later in 2020. Advisors should take the time now to learn about a topic that 76 million baby boomers have a vested interested to consult with a qualified and competent advisor.

Take the time to learn about Situation Social Security so you can help clients and prospects and come out of the pandemic running (sprinting), not walking.

Also, with the closure of the Social Security offices across the country, advisors have a need to seek our qualified advisors. Impress your prospects and clients with your vast understanding of Social Security. Your prospects and clients will be greatly impressed.

Take advantage of the $50 immediate discount or the payment plan. Contact Marc Kiner at 513-218-8505 or by e-mail at with any questions. Visit to register.


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