Situational Social Security (SSS)

Do you know that all of your clients are unique? Every one of your clients is in a different Social Security situation. Advisors across the country must understand the questions and issues that relate to every unique client. In the National Social Security Advisor certificate program we focus on Situational Social Security. Your clients may be single, married, divorced, surviving spouses, children, public employees or may be eligible to file a Restricted Application. Do you know the questions and issues relating every one of your unique clients?

In this series, we will discuss the concept of Situational Social Security and prepare you to meet every one of your unique clients guiding them through this difficult decision. We will also share our “rugged” three legged stools for single folks, married couples, divorced couples and surviving spouses. Wouldn’t it be nice to meet with your clients with the CONFIDENCE to discuss Social Security with all of YOUR clients. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the KNOWLEDGE and EDUCATION to help your clients proactively and not waiting for your clients to begin the discussion?

In the next installment of this series, we will discuss single folks and the requirements to be eligible for a Social Security Retirement benefit.

But, at this time, I want to define a couple key terms, 1) Full Retirement Age and 2) Primary Insurance Amount.

Full Retirement Age (FRA) – the age you receive 100% of your Social Security Retirement benefit. See the table below. Clients turning age 62 in 2020 were born in 1958 and have a FRA of 66, 8 months.

Year of birth Full Retirement Age

Benefits are reduced for age if you client is receiving a benefit prior to reaching FRA and are increased if begun after reaching FRA.

Primary Insurance Amount (PIA) – The amount of benefit that you are eligible to receive at your Full Retirement Age. Examples:

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